• Open Fire
  • Red Devil Down
  • Destroy Troy
  • BloodAxe
  • Aztec Attack
  • Battle Bust Up
  • Vampire Virus
  • Chariot Charge
  • White War
  • Caveman Bash
  • Super Soldier
  • Sky Wars
  • Samurai Secrets
  • Black Prince
Open Fire cover

Open Fire

"'That's weird', Napoleon stared at the note lying on his desk."
As he read the words again, the writing faded to nothing, and then the paper crumbled into a white dust.

Red Devil Down cover

Red Devil Down

"Napoleon Augustus Smythe was in the kitchen with his mother."
She was putting the final touches to his brother Monty's birthday cake. Napoleon was munching on the leftover chunks of sponge.

Destroy Troy cover

Destroy Troy

"Pre-op briefing needed before mission launch"
Napoleon was already outside the Special Reading Room when the professor sent through a follow-up message on his Battle Watch.

BloodAxe cover


"'Hey, Nappy. Where do you think you're going?' Caesar blocked Napoleon's way as he tried to get on his bike..."
Caesar blocked Napoleon's way as he tried to get on his bike.
'Not now, Caesar,' said Napoleon. 'I've got to be somewhere.'

Aztec Attack cover

Aztec Attack

"'Do I have to wear this?' said Napoleon. 'I look like Big Bird!'..."
He was dressed in a long cloak made from thousands of parrot feathers, and a fluffy hat in the shape of a beak.
'I look like Big Bird!'

Battle Bust Up cover

Battle Bust Up

"'Where's the KV-2 with its 152mm howitzer gun?' said Napoleon to himself..."
He was in the military section of the hobby store, looking for Russian tanks. He had to finish his World War Two project for school tomorrow.

Vampire Virus cover

Vampire Virus

"A terrifying howl - part-human, part-beast - filled the Special Reading Room..."
A terrifying howl - part-human, part-beast - filled the Special Reading Room.
Napoleon covered his ears as it echoed around him.
'Look!' said Professor Perdu. 'There they are.'
She pointed to a cluster of red dots on the ScanoScope screen. She was listening to Book 103 with the SS, a remote-control stethoscope for checking the health of Battle Books.

Chariot Charge cover

Chariot Charge

"'Can't I be a knight, or a king?' said Napoleon..."
He stepped into the Tome Tower, grumbling to Professor Perdu, and walked over to the Battle Books.

White War cover

White War

Napoleon's Battle Watch flashed on and off in the darkness as the grandfather clock in the hall struck midnight on Christmas Eve.

Caveman Bash cover

Caveman Bash

"Napoleon had a bad feeling. He glanced behind him as he wrapped his lock around the bike stand..."
A pair of new, blue, size 10 Converse sneakers were sticking out from below the bush near the library steps.
Someone was spying on him.

Super Soldier cover

Super Soldier

"'A bodyguard?' Napoleon called from the change cubicle"
'Why do I need a bodyguard?'
'Because this is a Danger Level 9 Mission', said Professor Perdu over the intercom.

Sky Wars cover

Sky Wars

"'You can still pull out Battle Boy. No-one will think less of you for it.'"
Napoleon rolled his eyes. What was the professor talking about?
Of course he wouldn't pull out.

Samurai Secrets cover

Samurai Secrets

"'So you'll be a whole year older tomorrow, Napoleon?'"
Captain Smythe sat at the breakfast table, looking at his youngest son.
'Yes, Dad,' Napoleon mumbled as he wolfed down his cereal.
'That's what happens on birthdays.'

Black Prince cover

Black Prince

"What a mission, Napoleon thought as he hurried down the staircase to the Special Reading Room."
He was going back almost seven hundred years to the Battle of Crécy, 1346, to meet the Black Prince and collect his DNA.